Bank opens mobile branch

A bank that was forced to close branches damaged by the Noto Peninsula earthquake has resumed local operations at a mobile office.

Kono Shinkin Bank, headquartered in Noto Town, has four branches that remain shut due to building damage, with others operating with reduced hours due to employees' commuting difficulties.

The branch in Anamizu Town is unable to operate due to the tilting of the building. But a mobile branch with ATMs and counter service opened on January 18 in the parking lot of the bank's employee dormitory.

The mobile branch counter is located in the parking lot.

A consultation desk has also been set up at the dormitory to assist people who have lost their bankbooks or cash cards, or need to discuss loan repayments.

Oketani Hiroyoshi, Anamizu branch manager, says: "There are many residents and businesses that are suffering hardship, and we want to work with everyone to help them recover as quickly as possible."

The bank reopened its Monzen branch in Wajima City on February 7, with others expected to follow soon.

Oketani Hiroyoshi, manager of the Kono Shinkin Bank's Anamizu branch