First temporary housing in quake-hit Wajima to be done by Jan. 31

Ishikawa Governor Hase Hiroshi says construction of the first temporary housing facility in Wajima City will be completed on January 31. This comes amid growing concerns about the effects of prolonged evacuation on residents nearly one month after the devastating New Year's Day earthquake.

The prefecture is constructing housing facilities in Wajima, as well as in Suzu City and other hard-hit communities.

Hase said the first facility will be located at the Kiriko Kaikan plaza in the center of Wajima. It will include 18 units. He added that a 40-unit facility on the grounds of Shoin Elementary School in Suzu City would be completed on February 6.

Hase said construction is now underway on over 1,200 temporary housing units in Wajima, Suzu, and Nanao cities.

"Disaster victims are hoping to move into temporary housing as soon as possible, and in neighborhoods they are familiar with," Hase said.

The governor also said the prefecture will provide information on measures to help the elderly move into the facilities.