Japan Mobility Show offers glimpse of future

The first Japan Mobility Show, formerly known as the Tokyo Motor Show, is underway. Electric vehicles are taking center stage as Japanese automakers unveil their next-generation concept cars.

The Tokyo event, which is being held for the first time in 4 years, includes a wider variety of transport — or "mobility" — options than in the past. Its exhibits go well beyond what most would consider typical vehicles to give people a glimpse into the future.

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Toyota Motor is introducing a concept car for a next-generation EV set for launch in 2026 under its Lexus brand.

Toyota Motor plans to launch a next-generation EV under its Lexus brand in 2026.

Toyota Motor President Sato Koji said his company is committed to offering battery-powered vehicles "that only an established carmaker can produce."

Nissan Motor is showing off its concept car fitted with all-solid-state batteries, whose capacity can be enhanced to allow the car to travel longer distances.

Nissan Motor shows off a concept car with all-solid-state batteries at the Japan Mobility Show.

Honda Motor is showcasing a new EV model developed with US auto giant General Motors. They aim to launch it in the US market next year.

Honda Motor aims to launch its EV model jointly developed with General Motors in the US market next year.

Japan automakers try to catch up in EVs

Japanese carmakers have been ramping up their shift to EVs as they try to catch up to global advances.

Research firm MarkLines said EV sales of US electric vehicle maker Tesla topped those of all other companies in the world last year, with more than 1.2 million units sold. China's BYD was second, selling more than 860,000 units.

Only two Japanese makers — Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors — made the top-10 list together with their French alliance partner Renault. Their joint project came in seventh.

US and Chinese manufacturers led in last year's rankings of top 10 best-selling EV makers.

Japanese automakers hope to use the Mobility Show to showcase how far they have come.

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Future of vehicles

This year's event attracted a record 475 participants. Its exhibits also feature a range of unusual and unorthodox vehicles, including some which can fly.

Various vehicles are on display at the Japan Mobility Show.

One startup developed a vehicle it claims can stay in space for about an hour.

Online marketplace Mercari is displaying a sofa filled with air. It said the item is so soft that it cushions the body and protects it from serious damage if the vehicle hits something by accident while driving.

Online marketplace Mercari displays a sofa filled with air to cushion the body in case of accident.

The Japan Mobility Show is open to the public through November 5.

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