Tokyo marks most number of 'hot' days

Unseasonably hot weather was reported across Japan on Thursday.

Temperatures rose to over 35 degrees Celsius in Yamanashi prefecture's Kofu City and Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture. That's the latest day of a year with a daytime high of 35 degrees, or over, on record.

It was 33.2 degrees in central Tokyo, marking the 90th day of this year with a daytime high of 30 degrees or over. The figure surpassed the previous record.

Hikone City in Shiga Prefecture saw a daytime high of 31.6 degrees on Thursday. It was as hot as late August. The heat sent 30 elementary school students to the hospital before noon after they complained of symptoms of suspected heatstroke. They were taking part in the school's athletic meet. They are reported to be conscious and their conditions are not life-threatening.

Thirty elementary school students in Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture were sent to the hospital on Thursday.

Animals, crops suffering from extreme heat

In a zoo near Tokyo, alpacas, which are vulnerable to the heat, were moved to a room equipped with electric fans. The temperature at the zoo topped 30 degrees.

Keepers at Tobu Zoo in Saitama Prefecture moved alpacas inside to beat the heat on Thursday.

Japan's agriculture ministry says a plague of stink bugs has been reported in wide areas of the country. Experts say the rise in temperatures would trigger the phenomena, which can lead to major crop damage.

In Wakayama prefecture, persimmons crops, which are in the middle of the harvest season, are facing ruin from the insects.

Persimmons have been affected by a plague of stink bugs.

Matsumoto Jiro, a persimmons farmer in the town of Katsuragi, says around 30 percent of his harvest has been damaged by the insects.

"This season is the worst. Some trees have been damaged entirely. I have to spray chemicals to control the bugs," he said.

How long will the hot weather continue?

Weather officials say another hot day can be expected over the weekend. They are calling on people to be careful about heatstroke.

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