Temperatures hit highs across Japan

Temperatures on Wednesday are expected to be the highest of the year so far, leading to an increased risk of heatstroke across Japan.

The Meteorological Agency says a Foehn phenomenon will add to a high pressure system, causing temperatures to soar and leading to dry conditions on much of the Pacific side of eastern and northern Japan.

Daytime highs could hit a record 36 degrees Celsius in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture and 35 degrees in Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture.

Highs on Wednesday (left) compared to the previous day (right).

Heatstroke risk

Our bodies are not used to overheating as early as May. This means we face a heightened risk of heatstroke.

The Roppongi Hills shopping and business complex in Tokyo turned on mist spraying devices on May 17.

It is important to take regular breaks from work and exercise to hydrate and to keep indoor temperatures under 28 degrees.

Information on the latest regional heatstroke risk advisories, along with advice on preventive steps, is available here.

Our meteorologist Yoko Komagata has the latest on the soaring temperatures across Japan, China, and South Korea.