Japan's government lists medicines for vaccine side-effects Japan's government lists medicines for vaccine side-effects

Japan's government lists medicines for vaccine side-effects

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    Three main ingredients

    Japan's health ministry has released a list of medicines for relieving the side-effects of coronavirus vaccines, such as fever or pain. The main three are:

    • acetaminophen
    • ibuprofen
    • loxoprofen

    In June, the government received reports from drug store operators about a scarcity of medicines containing acetaminophen. The health ministry then provided a list on its website of commercial drugs with alternative ingredients in a bid to prevent a shortage.

    Customers confused

    A drug store in Chiba Prefecture says its supplies of medicines containing acetaminophen became scarce due to high demand. Since receiving a notification from the health ministry, staff now tell customers that Ibuprofen and loxoprofen are also available. One pharmacist says media coverage has led some people to believe acetaminophen is the only option.

    Caution needed for some people

    The ministry says the following people should consult with doctors and pharmacists about what medicines they can take: pregnant or breastfeeding women; people taking other medicines; people who have developed allergic reactions or asthma after taking medicines; older people; and those being treated for diseases such as a gastric ulcer.

    The ministry says people who develop prolonged or severe coronavirus vaccine side-effects, such as a very high fever or extreme pain, should also consult with doctors or pharmacists about what medicines they can take.

    Not for prevention

    Taking medicines to preemptively treat possible vaccine side-effects is not recommended.

    This information is accurate as of September 14, 2021.

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