Can we take painkillers after the vaccination? Can we take painkillers after the vaccination?

Can we take painkillers after the vaccination?

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    Acceptable to take an antipyretic or pain medicine

    Some people develop a fever or experience pain after receiving the coronavirus vaccine. In many cases, such symptoms occur within two days of the inoculation and usually last only a few days. The health ministry's website says people who develop these symptoms should take medicine to relieve pain or fever if necessary.

    If a fever lasts for more than two days, or other severe symptoms occur, the ministry recommends consulting a doctor.

    Believed no impact on immunity

    Specially appointed professor Nakayama Tetsuo, a vaccine expert with Kitasato University, says symptoms such as fever and pain happen when the immune system becomes active. He says taking a painkiller or an antipyretic should not impact the immunity, and he recommends taking medication if your temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees or you experience severe pain.

    Don't take it before the shot

    But the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends avoiding medication for fever or pain prior to the vaccination. It says it is unclear how they could affect the vaccination itself.

    The information is accurate as of April 6, 2021.

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