Coupons are required for coronavirus vaccination in Japan

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Vaccination coupons

Japan's health ministry has developed a coupon system for the coronavirus vaccination rollout. Senior citizens will be the first to receive them.

Municipalities will mail out the coupons. They will be printed with the recipient's name and a serial number. The holder can be inoculated free of charge by presenting the coupon at a vaccination center.

Where to receive the shots

As a general rule, vaccines will be administered in the municipality where an individual is registered as a resident. Some exceptions are allowed.

They include expectant mothers returning to their hometowns, people living away from their families due to work, students living away from home, and victims of domestic violence or child abuse.

Exceptions also apply for hospital inpatients, those with underlying conditions who will be vaccinated by their primary care physician, disaster victims, people in police custody, and prison inmates.

Lodging a request for special circumstances

As a general rule, if a person wishes to be vaccinated in a different municipality, they will need to file a request.

It can be mailed, submitted directly at municipal offices, or made through the health ministry website. The request needs to be submitted during the relevant vaccination period allocated to particular age groups and circumstances. The procedure may be waived in some cases.

This information is accurate as of March 17, 2021.