Can we get infected at dentists, pools and baths?

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Chances of infection at the dentist’s office

The Japan Dental Association says dental clinics have various preventive measures in place, so they recommend that people who do not have a fever, cough or other symptoms see dentists as usual.

People who have symptoms may be asked to refrain from being examined.

But the association says some cases may be urgent or even life threatening if left untreated, so people should first consult their dentists.

At pools and baths

Sakamoto Fumie of St. Luke's International Hospital, an expert on anti-infection measures, says that we don’t need to think much about infection through water in swimming pools or baths. Even if the water had been contaminated with the virus, it would be highly diluted.

However, Sakamoto says there is a risk of infection if you touch common places such as locker rooms or changing rooms, where many people often touch surfaces. She advises people not to touch their face, mouth, nose and eyes before washing hands thoroughly.

This information is accurate as of Oct. 5, 2020.