Guidelines for karaoke industry

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Industry guidelines

We take a look at the guidelines that different industries have introduced to help businesses sustain social and economic activity while also preventing infection.

Karaoke industry implements its own guidelines.

Three karaoke industry associations have drawn up a set of joint guidelines on infection prevention measures.

The measures include urging business managers to: keep rooms well ventilated; operate at half capacity; ask customers to sit side by side, not face to face, while maintaining one or two meters of distance; and disinfect microphones and remote controllers regularly.

The guidelines also recommend asking customers to wear face masks at all times, except when they are eating or drinking, and to stay at least two meters away from people who are singing.

Ensuring a safe and worry-free karaoke environment

Kato Shinji, an official of the Japan Karaoke Box Association, says the coronavirus pandemic is a crisis that threatens the very existence of karaoke as a cultural practice. He says his organization is considering adding stricter measures if the current guidelines prove insufficient. He adds that they are working to provide customers with a safe and worry-free karaoke environment.

This information is accurate as of July 28, 2020.