How can we keep our rooms ventilated?

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How can we keep our rooms ventilated while using air conditioners?

Leading air conditioner maker Daikin Industries Ltd. says most units only circulate air already in the room and do not ventilate. So the company recommends occasionally opening windows even when using air conditioners.

This may strike some people as a waste of energy. But a Daikin official says there are ways to limit power consumption. For example, he says air conditioners consume a lot of energy when we turn them on, so it is actually more efficient to keep them on even when windows are opened.

He also says that energy consumption will increase if we open a window and an influx of outside air pushes up the room temperature. This is a particularly big risk in hotter climates. So he says it's important to set your air conditioner at a slightly higher temperature than normal before you open any windows. This will help keep energy consumption down.

The information is accurate as of Aug. 6, 2020.

There are specific ways of opening windows to improve ventilation

Window and door manufacturer YKK AP Inc. has launched a page on its website showing how to properly ventilate rooms.

The company suggests opening two windows instead of one, ideally ones that are "diagonally opposite each other."

Opening windows that are positioned diagonally opposite each other improves air circulation.

If a room has only one window, the company suggests opening doors to create an airway, and increasing circulation by using a fan.

It also suggests moving sliding window panes to the middle, to create openings on either side.

Creating two openings improves ventilation.

The information is accurate as of Aug. 7, 2020.

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