What should we bring to a shelter in the event of a natural disaster?

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What should we take to a shelter?

Local evacuation shelters will get crowded which means the risk of coronavirus infection will be high. Make sure to bring a face mask, alcohol-based disinfectant, and a thermometer.

If you don’t have a mask, you can use a towel to cover your mouth and nose. And if you don’t have disinfectant, moist tissues will do the job. But, again, make sure to bring your own. The local government may not have sufficient supplies.

Check your condition beforehand.

Take your temperature and check for symptoms such as fever, cough, and general listlessness before going to a shelter. Inform shelter operators if you have any symptoms, they may be able to find you a separate room to stay in.

Information is accurate as of July 14, 2020.

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