Having multiple evacuation options will reduce the risk of coronavirus infection

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Having multiple evacuation options will reduce the strain on government shelters.
In past years, people were recommended to shelter in large-scale evacuation centers. But amid the coronavirus pandemic, this will only lead to an increased risk of infection.

Experts say if residents have multiple evacuation options, this will help government-designated shelters avoid becoming overcrowded. Potential alternative evacuation options include hotels and the homes of relatives and acquaintances.

If you are in a safe location, your home or car can also be used as a shelter.
Consider sheltering at home if you live on an upper floor of an apartment building that is not located near a river, on a mountainside, or situated on low-lying land.

And temporarily staying in your car is also an option if there are no damaged buildings near by, if you are not on a mountainside, and if the area is not at risk of flooding. Remember to keep your car ventilated and occasionally step outside for some exercise.

But if you have any concerns about your surroundings, don’t hesitate to go to your nearest shelter.

Information is accurate as of July 13, 2020.

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