Checklist of mild symptoms Checklist of mild symptoms

Checklist of mild symptoms

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    Emergency symptom checklist

    As a number of coronavirus cases reported in Japan, people have died in their homes after their symptoms deteriorated rapidly.

    Japan's health ministry has issued a checklist of 13 coronavirus symptoms which indicate that a person should consult a medical expert immediately. The list is designed for patients with mild symptoms who are recuperating at designated accommodation facilities or at home.


    • Looking pale
    • Lips turning purple
    • Different than usual


    • Fast breathing
    • Suddenly breathing hard
    • Difficulty breathing, even during everyday activities
    • Chest pain
    • Inability to lie down, or being able to breathe only while sitting
    • Shoulders heaving while breathing
    • Sudden (within 2 hours of initial symptoms) gasping for breath


    • Absence of awareness (Weak response)
    • Feeling groggy (No response)
    • Irregular pulse

    The health ministry says patients and their families should go through the checklist twice a day. It says that if any of the symptoms apply, people recuperating at home should immediately contact municipal authorities, while those at hotels should call the nurses stationed there.

    Asymptomatic patients/mild symptoms

    Sakamoto Fumie of St. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo says that some patients can recover on their own without showing any symptoms. A research team in China reported that half of surveyed patients developed either no symptoms or only very mild symptoms.

    However, Sakamoto says, we have to observe all patients for about a week as some of them can gradually deteriorate and become severely ill.

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