Japan coronavirus infections top 8,000 Japan coronavirus infections top 8,000

Japan coronavirus infections top 8,000

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    The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Japan exceeded 8,000 as of Tuesday. The figure includes people who tested positive during airport quarantine checks, health ministry officials, and those who returned to the country on government-chartered planes.

    Tokyo has the most infections of any prefecture, with 2,319. Osaka is second with 894, followed by Kanagawa with 579. These prefectures were all included in the central government’s state of emergency declaration last week.

    The health ministry released a breakdown of cases by age group. People in their 40s and younger made up more than half the total, with around 54%. Experts say this number highlights the likelihood that young people with mild to no symptoms are unknowingly spreading the virus.

    The ministry also released a breakdown of deaths and seriously ill patients by age group. Of the 108 who have died from the virus as of Tuesday, 53 were in their 80s, 37 in their 70s, and 11 in their 60s. Two people in their 40s have also died. Of the 152 who have fallen seriously ill, 30.3% were in their 60s, and 22.4% in their 70s.

    Infections at hospitals

    Nakano Egota Hospital in Tokyo announced on Tuesday that 94 people, including medical staff and patients, had been confirmed to be infected. The hospital says infections have occurred within the facility.

    One nurse was confirmed infected on April 1, followed by five patients on April 4. After that, additional tests were conducted on patients and staff, which found 88 more cases.

    Eiju General Hospital in Tokyo’s Taito Ward has also seen in-house infections. The hospital says on its website that it has had 191 cases, including staff. 20 patients have died.

    In the city of Kobe, 14 staff and patients at the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital have been confirmed to be infected. In Toyama Prefecture, 17 cases have been confirmed at the Toyama City Hospital. And 14 people have been confirmed to be infected at the Horikawa Hospital in Kyoto City, including one patient who has died.

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