Democratic lawmakers meet over Biden's reelection bid

Democrats in the US Congress huddled together in Washington on Tuesday to discuss their support for President Joe Biden. They find themselves more and more divided over whether he should remain in the race for reelection.

Democrats from the House of Representatives gathered near the Capitol at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee. They have heard Biden say he is not "going anywhere," but many are concerned about how he performed during a debate two weeks ago against his predecessor, Donald Trump. They do not want to hurt their chances of regaining control of the House from Republicans.

House lawmaker Mike Quigley said Biden should step down because he "can't win," adding that his colleagues need to "recognize that." However, another House member, Jerrold Nadler, said that they all need to support the president.

The lawmakers emerged from their meeting saying their focus is to be "unified." They added that they are supporting their nominee -- who, right now, is Biden -- and are united by the idea that Trump cannot win.

Democrats in the Senate held a meeting of their own. None of them has publicly called for the president to step aside, but some have said he needs to show he is strong enough to beat Trump. Still, they have demonstrated their loyalty, saying they are "with Joe."