Indonesia landslide death toll hits 23

At least 23 people have now been confirmed dead and 33 others missing on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, where torrential rains triggered a landslide. Rescuers are still searching for survivors.

The disaster occurred on Sunday at an illegal gold mine in Gorontalo Province, northern Sulawesi. Many of those affected are believed to be miners and residents.

A survivor, Rikson Buhungo, said people were suddenly swallowed up by the mud from the landslide. He said he was then so panicked that he didn't have time to go help others. He said he could only shout when the landslide started to roll him over.

Authorities are continuing search and rescue operations. But they say the landslide blocked roads, hampering their efforts.

Local authorities are urging people to stay on the alert. They say the heavy rain could continue.

In May, floods and mudslides caused by torrential rain killed 16 people in Sulawesi.