Moscow agrees to discharge Indians fighting for Russian army

Russia has agreed to a request from India to discharge Indian nationals hired as soldiers by the Russian military who now want out.
They were reportedly recruited with false promises of a big payday. Instead, they were sent to the front line in Ukraine. New Delhi had been seeking their release.

India's foreign ministry says 35 to 50 Indian nationals were sent to the battlefield, and two have been confirmed dead. India's media said the soldiers included jobless young people living in poverty.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the issue at their summit on Tuesday in Moscow.

Indian media outlets report the soldiers will be released within a few weeks at the earliest.
After Modi and Putin's meeting, India's foreign secretary revealed his country had urged Russia to resolve the issue.

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine grinds on, it has been confirmed that nationals from India, Nepal, and other countries are fighting on the front line as Russian forces.