NATO summit to open in Washington

Leaders of NATO member countries will start their summit meeting in Washington soon with an aim to strengthen aid to Ukraine.

The meeting will be held from Tuesday to Thursday.

A commemorative ceremony will soon be held to mark the alliance's 75th anniversary.

US President Joe Biden will deliver a speech and is expected to stress the significance of NATO's presence and the unity of its member nations amid Russia's continued invasion of Ukraine.

Ahead of this, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg delivered a speech and said, "There is no way to provide strong defense without a strong defense industry."

He stressed the importance of strengthening defense industry cooperation among member nations and partners, as there is a shortage of ammunition in battlefields in Ukraine.

According to the organization, the summit is expected to strengthen the Western alliance's role in military assistance for Ukraine. NATO is also expected to coordinate training for Ukrainian troops and to supply weapons from its member nations, and the members will agree on financial support for military assistance to Kyiv.

In Europe, there are concerns that if Donald Trump is elected the US president in November, it may impact the unity inside NATO, as he has been skeptical about the organization.

Amid growing concerns about Biden's age, media attention is focused on whether he can lead discussions at the summit meeting and demonstrate leadership to the international community.