N.Korea dispatches military education delegation to Russia

North Korea has announced that a delegation of military education officials is visiting Russia. The visit, which comes after the two countries signed a comprehensive strategic partnership treaty in June, is likely to deepen military ties.

North Korea's ruling Workers' Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun said on Tuesday that the delegates, including senior education officials of the Korean People's Army, left Pyongyang for Russia the day before.

The paper says the delegation is led by Kim Kum Chol, the president of Kim Il Sung Military University. It did not provide more details, such as the purpose of the visit.

It was the first time for North Korea to announce a military exchange with Russia since the strategic partnership treaty was signed.

The treaty calls for mutual military assistance if either country is placed under a state of war.

US and South Korean officials say North Korea has provided Russia with artillery shells and other munitions for use in its invasion of Ukraine in return for military technology and energy supply from Moscow.

Japan, the US and South Korea have condemned the two countries, saying their military cooperation violates UN Security Council resolutions.