Spain's economy minister calls for Japanese investment

Spain's economy minister has called for more investment from Japan in key growth industries such as renewable energy.

Carlos Cuerpo spoke to NHK on the sidelines of an economic forum held in Tokyo last week.

Cuerpo said total Japanese direct investment in Spain is already at a very high level but he wants to expand the relationship.

The minister said, "You want to foster the presence of Spanish companies in Japan in strategic sectors like renewable energies, digital, agri-food as well. But at the same time, we want to attract investment from Japan."

Cuerpo said renewable energy sources account for roughly 60 percent of power generation in Spain.
He said businesses with advanced technical expertise in solar and wind power are operating in his country.

The minister also touched on the issue of so-called "over-tourism", which is also an increasing concern in Japan.

Last year, Spain had more than 85 million foreign visitors, exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Large numbers of visitors flocking to tourist sites are affecting the lives of local residents.

Cuerpo said "We have to really take care of the fact that this has to be sustainable and minimize its negative consequences."

He said it is necessary to develop a balanced strategy through cooperation with a range of administrative bodies.