Japan PM Kishida to apologize to plaintiffs in forced sterilization lawsuits

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida Fumio says he plans to apologize to the plaintiffs in lawsuits involving forced sterilization next week.

The move comes after Japan's Supreme Court ruled that the now-defunct Eugenic Protection Law, which forced people with certain disabilities to undergo such procedures, was unconstitutional and ordered compensation to be paid.

Kishida said at a meeting of ruling Liberal Democratic Party executives on Tuesday that he will meet the plaintiffs on July 17. He said the government has clearly stated that it is sincerely remorseful and offers deep apologies.

The government is planning to carry out procedures to pay compensation based on the court ruling and also to consider a new compensation scheme, taking into account the victims' suffering and their advanced age.

In the meeting with plaintiffs, Kishida is expected to explain the new compensation scheme.