US Republican Party draft campaign platform reflects Trump's ideas

The US Republican Party has approved a draft party platform ahead of the November presidential election, reflecting the policy agenda of its presumptive nominee, former President Donald Trump.

The document, approved by a committee of the Republican National Committee on Monday, reads "America First: A Return to Common Sense." US media reports say Trump himself wrote part of it.

The draft platform promises to end inflation and make the country affordable again through measures including the lifting of regulations over energy production and cutting federal government spending. As for immigration, it promises to tighten measures, including the construction of walls along the southern border.

The draft also mentions supporting "America First" economic policies and revoking China's "most favored nation" status.

In diplomacy, it says the United States will strengthen its ties with allies by ensuring that they "meet their obligations to invest in our Common Defense." It also says the US will seek peace and commercial prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region.

The document hardly touched on abortion, which has been a major focal point in the election. It says states are now free to pass laws protecting rights about life, which appears to be mindful of non-committed voters, while some conservative voters are seeking a nationwide ban on abortion.

The draft platform is expected to be adopted at the party's National Convention, scheduled to start next Monday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.