Japanese children write Star Festival wishes and tie them to bamboo

Children gathered at the site of the 2005 Expo in the central Japanese city of Nagakute in Aichi Prefecture on Sunday to observe the annual Star Festival.

Legend has it that the Milky Way separated two lovers, represented by stars. The pair is only allowed to meet once a year on July 7.

People in Japan observe the day by writing their wishes on strips of paper and then hanging them on bamboo branches.

Bamboo collected in the park was placed at nine locations.

Many young visitors wrote their wishes on paper strips and tied them with string to the branches.

An eight-year-old girl from Nagoya City said she is good at arithmetic but wished to become even better at it.

A 43-year-old man wrote a message with his two-year-old child, wishing their family's new baby expected soon will be healthy. The man said he thinks it is good to hold such events that give people the feeling of the season.