French survey: Far-right camp unlikely to win majority in runoff vote

A French survey firm says the far-right National Rally party is likely to win the most votes in the second round of the National Assembly election, but that it will probably not achieve a majority.

On Thursday, French company Ifop released the results of a survey it conducted ahead of Sunday's runoff. The snap election was called by President Emmanuel Macron.

The company predicts that the National Rally party and its allies will win 210 to 240 of the chamber's 577 seats. It anticipates that 170 to 200 seats will go to the left-wing coalition New Popular Front. Macron's centrist ruling coalition is expected to win somewhere between 95 and 125 seats.

It is predicted that the National Rally party will double its seats, but fall short of securing the 289 seats that it needs to obtain an absolute majority, which would allow it to instantly launch a government.

Major French newspaper Le Figaro has reported that the far-right party lost steam after the ruling coalition and the left-wing coalition engaged in a joint action. Each side withdrew a candidate in more than 200 constituencies.