Japan reveals three more sexual violence cases involving US military personnel

Japan's top government spokesperson has revealed three more cases of alleged sexual violence involving US military personnel.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi Yoshimasa spoke to reporters on Wednesday after two alleged sexual assault cases in Okinawa Prefecture came to light.

Last week, it was revealed that a US Air Force member was indicted in March for allegedly kidnapping and sexual assaulting an underage girl in December, and that a US Marine was indicted last month for allegedly attempting to sexually assault a woman and injuring her.

Not only were these incidents not made public until recently, but the government also failed to notify prefectural officials of them.

Hayashi said that in one of the three newly revealed cases, US military personnel is suspected of having sex without consent.

He said two of the alleged incidents occurred last year -- in February and August -- and the other is said to have taken place in January. He said none of the suspects were indicted.

Hayashi described sex crimes involving members of the US military as extremely regrettable. He said they cause great concern to local residents.

He said the government will continue asking Washington to take thorough measures to prevent such incidents.

Hayashi said the government will also continue doing all it can to reduce the burden of hosting US bases.