Cambodian court jails environmental activists

A Cambodian court convicted on Tuesday 10 members of an environmental group for insulting the country's king and plotting to overthrow the government.

Local media say three members of Mother Nature, including its Spanish co-founder, were sentenced to eight years in prison and fined 2,500 dollars on both counts.

Seven other activists were sentenced to six years in jail.

The group's website says the organization was created in 2012 to stop the destruction of nature caused by development. It has criticized the government, saying that "Cambodia is anything but a democratic regime."

It also says, "Cambodian human rights and environmental activists have been in the last few years killed, jailed and endlessly repressed."

The country's prime minister Hun Manet succeeded his father Hun Sen, who ruled for nearly 4 decades. Since then, the administration has been accused of arresting opposition party officials and activists.