More than 40% of temporary house sites in Noto at risk of mudslides, floods

NHK has learned that more than 40 percent of temporary housing sites for people affected by a massive quake that hit the Noto Peninsula and nearby areas on New Year's Day are at risk of mudslides and floods.

NHK last month asked nine municipalities in the Noto region about the risk of rain-triggered disasters at temporary housing. The rainy season began in the area on June 22.

The survey found that of 159 sites for temporary houses, including planned locations, 42 percent are in areas at danger from floods and mudslides.

Of them, 48 locations face the risk of flooding and 29 are in danger of mudslides. Some of them are at risk of both flooding and mudslides.

Reasons given by the municipalities for choosing those hazardous areas include difficulty in securing land, convenience in living and strong wishes from the evacuees.

Asked about measures to protect evacuees from possible disasters, many municipalities said they distribute hazard maps.

Some also say they give residents information on evacuation sites and routes before they move in. Others say they cooperate with local community associations to check the safety of residents in case of disasters.