Pro-Russia Hungary takes over rotating EU presidency

Hungary, which assumes a broadly pro-Russia stance, took over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union on Monday. Some member nations have a growing sense of unease and confusion on policy management, as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been outspoken against supporting Ukraine.

Orban has been taking an anti-EU position, aligning himself with right-wing and far-right parties in Europe.

His motto for the presidency, "Make Europe Great Again," mimics the slogan used by former US President Donald Trump.

Orban wrote on social media on Monday, "Everybody's happy that it's our turn to make Europe great again!"

Orban referred to the EU's climate change policies in an article for the Financial Times. He was quoted as saying that "the EU has been imposing its own ideologically motivated goals without adequately consulting industry," and that "European companies are losing their competitive edge."

German media expressed concern about Orban, reporting "The EU skeptic is likely to put the brakes on, especially when it comes to support for Ukraine and the rule of law."

The presidency rotates among the EU members every six months, meaning Hungary will hold the post through December.

The presidency's role includes acting as an honest and neutral broker to coordinate for member states to reach agreements on EU legislation.