N.Korean media announce 'successful' test-firing of Hwasong-11 missile

North Korea's state-run media report says the country successfully test-fired a new-type tactical ballistic missile, the Hwasong-11, on Monday.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on Tuesday that the missile, which is capable of carrying a 4.5 ton-class "super-large warhead," flew for its maximum range of 500 kilometers.

The news agency quoted the country's Missile Administration as saying that it will test-fire the Hwasong-11 again in July to verify the explosion force of the super-large warhead and other capabilities at a range of 250 kilometers.

The South Korean military said on Monday that the North launched two ballistic missiles, one of which is believed to be short-range, in a northeastern direction from a southwestern region of the country.

The announcement by North Korean media is believed to be about one of those missiles.