Japanese weather officials warn of heavy rain-induced landslides in Kyushu

Japanese weather officials are warning of possible landslides in the Kyushu region and elsewhere in the wake of heavy rains that pounded wide areas from western to eastern Japan.

The officials are urging people in the affected areas to stay vigilant against mudslides, as unstable atmospheric conditions will likely continue on Tuesday.

The Meteorological Agency says localized rain clouds are developing as a front stretching over Japan's main island causes atmospheric conditions to be unstable in western and eastern regions. Downpours accompanied by thunder are forecast for some parts.

In the city of Hita, Oita Prefecture, 425 millimeters of rain had fallen between Wednesday last week, when the rain started, through 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

The city of Yame in Fukuoka Prefecture had 361 millimeters of rain during the same period.

During the 24 hours through Wednesday morning, up to 100 millimeters of rain is expected in the Chugoku region, 60 millimeters in northern Kyushu, the Kinki and Hokuriku regions, and 50 millimeters in the Shikoku and Tokai regions.

The meteorological agency is asking people to stay on the alert against landslides, flooding in low-lying areas and swollen rivers.