Zelenskyy appeals for support in dealing with Russian guided bombs

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has condemned a series of strikes by guided bombs launched from Russian fighter jets and appealed for more support from the international community, including long-range missiles.

Zelenskyy released an address on video late Sunday.

The address came the same day as Russian attacks on the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine. An area governor said that the strikes killed one and left ten others injured, including an eight-month old child.

Zelenskyy said Russian guided bombs are "one of the key elements of Putin's ability to wage war."

He stressed that "the sooner the world helps us deal with the Russian combat aircraft launching these bombs, the sooner we can strike -- justifiably strike -- at Russian military infrastructure, military airfields, the closer we will be to peace."

Prior to the address, Zelenskyy took to social media. His post reads, "This week alone, Russia has used more than 800 guided aerial bombs against Ukraine."

He stressed that "Long-range strikes and modern air defense are the foundation for stopping the daily Russian terror."