Downpours forecast across western, eastern Japan

Weather officials are warning of torrential rain in western and eastern Japan through Tuesday. They are calling on people to be on high alert for possible landslides, flooding and overflowing rivers.

The Meteorological Agency says atmospheric conditions are extremely unstable in western and eastern Japan as warm, damp air is flowing toward a front and a low-pressure system.

Ukiha City in Fukuoka Prefecture had 70 millimeters of rainfall between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Monday. Toon City in Ehime Prefecture had 34 millimeters during the same period.

The continued rainfall has sharply increased the risk of landslides in the prefectures of Fukuoka, Oita, Saga, Yamaguchi, Shimane and Nagano. Mudslide alerts have been issued for some parts of these prefectures.

Authorities also say some rivers in Yamaguchi Prefecture are at extreme risk of flooding.

Western and eastern Japan could be hit by localized downpours accompanied by lightning through Tuesday, as the low-pressure system is likely to linger over these regions.

In the 24-hour period through Tuesday noon, up to 180 millimeters of rain is forecast for northern Kyushu. The Kinki and Chugoku regions are expected to see as much as 120 millimeters. Up to 100 millimeters is likely in the Tokai region and 80 millimeters in the Shikoku region.