Israel continues attacks across Gaza, inflicting heavy civilian casualties

Israel's military is continuing attacks on wide areas of the Gaza Strip, causing scores of civilian casualties.

On Sunday, Israeli forces staged operations in the central and southern parts of Gaza in addition to the northern region, which they had claimed was under their control.

The Israelis said they "eliminated several terrorists" and "dismantled terror tunnel shafts" as a result of their "targeted, intelligence-based operational activity" in Rafah in the south.

Local Palestinian media said on Sunday that Israeli airstrikes in Rafah had resulted in the killing of six civilians, including children.

They also said civilian casualties were reported in other areas of Rafah as Israeli troops continued shelling and other intense attacks.

On Saturday, the Palestine Red Crescent Society announced it had completely evacuated its temporary administrative headquarters in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza. The society said the Israeli attacks posed a threat to the lives of its personnel, indicating that the humanitarian situation in the Palestinian enclave is becoming even more dire.

US media outlet Axios reported that the US administration has in recent days presented new language for parts of the proposed hostage and ceasefire deal between Israel and Hamas.

However, a Hamas leader told a news conference on Saturday that there is nothing really new in the negotiations.

The leader reiterated Hamas's position that it is ready to deal positively with any formula that guarantees a permanent ceasefire and Israel's comprehensive withdrawal from Gaza.