US envoy to UN condemns Russia, N.Korea for military cooperation

The US envoy to the United Nations has condemned Russia and North Korea for violating UN Security Council resolutions. The two countries recently signed a new treaty to strengthen bilateral military cooperation.

Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood spoke to NHK after he read out a joint statement on Friday when the Security Council convened an emergency meeting. The statement expressed concerns about Russia and North Korea deepening their military ties.

Wood said, "What we're seeing now, which we haven't seen before, is one permanent member of the Security Council" supporting the "rogue state" of North Korea in violation of multiple Security Council resolutions. He described the situation as unprecedented.

He noted that the bilateral military partnership affects not only Europe and Asia but also global security, and said the global community "needs to be extremely concerned to speak with one voice condemnation."

When asked about North Korea's UN envoy, Kim Song, condemning the US, Wood said it was not surprising.

Wood pointed out that Pyongyang has been blaming others as a way to deflect attention from its behavior.

Regarding China, which backs North Korea, Wood said it is clear that Beijing is "extremely uncomfortable" about the strengthened ties between Russia and the North.

He added that China needs to use the influence it has both with Moscow and Pyongyang to deescalate tensions.