Ex-Philippine President Duterte plans Senate run

The elder daughter of former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he plans to run for the Senate next year. The move comes amid worsening ties between his family and his successor, Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Sara Duterte, who serves as vice president, told reporters her two brothers will also stand in the election.
And she said one of them -- Davao Mayor Sebastian Duterte -- will seek the presidency in 2028.

Sara was the running mate of incumbent President Marcos in the 2022 presidential election to choose who would take over from her father.
But the alliance between the Marcos and Duterte clans has since become mired in bad blood.

The Dutertes have grown critical of Marcos -- even calling for his resignation.
Earlier this month, Sara quit Marcos' Cabinet and another key post without giving a reason.

Her father ordered a war on drugs that left at least 6,200 people dead. The relationship between the two families is said to have soured over a probe into that bloody crackdown by the International Criminal Court. Duterte pulled the Philippines out of the ICC in 2019, after it opened its investigation.

It's thought Rodrigo Duterte fears the current administration could rejoin the court and hand him over if it issues an arrest warrant -- something Marcos has ruled out.