Chinese and Russian envoys in North Korea highlight cooperation

China's ambassador to North Korea has expressed willingness to cooperate with his Russian counterpart to develop the two countries' relations with North Korea.

The Chinese Embassy in Pyongyang said Ambassador Wang Yajun met Russia's Ambassador Alexander Matsegora to discuss regional issues on Thursday.

Wang said the Chinese Embassy hopes to strengthen exchanges with the Russian Embassy, and make positive contributions to the development of China-Russia ties and their relations with North Korea.

Matsegora said the Russian Embassy is willing to work hand in hand with its Chinese counterpart to actively contribute to the maintenance of regional peace.

China is said to wield strong influence over North Korea as the country's main backer.

Attention has been focused on China's response to a new Russia-North Korea treaty signed last week when Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Pyongyang.

The treaty calls for mutual military assistance if either Russia or North Korea faces aggression and is placed in a state of war.