Ukraine concert features piano from town formerly occupied by Russia

A concert has been held in Ukraine with a piano that was found in a town occupied by Russian troops in the early days of the invasion.

Russian troops seized Bucha, near the capital Kyiv, when the invasion of Ukraine began over two years ago, causing many civilian deaths.

The damaged piano was discovered after Ukrainian forces retook the town.

Local children and a pianist performed classical pieces and other music on the restored piano at Thursday's concert in Irpin, near Bucha.

A woman who fled the eastern Kharkiv region said the music made her feel relaxed and at peace and she was able to forget the war for a short time.

The organization that hosted the concert has been restoring pianos found across Ukraine, and installing them in public facilities. The organization said it has repaired four pianos so far.

An official of the organization said Ukrainians must revive their country, and the process can begin by reviving their culture with the restored pianos. The official said the piano restoration will become a symbol of the country's reconstruction.