US Supreme Court accidentally posts opinion on Idaho abortion ruling

The US Supreme Court accidentally and briefly uploaded a document to its website that included a draft opinion on its ruling on abortions in the state of Idaho.

US media outlet Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that the Supreme Court is poised to allow abortions for the time being in medical emergencies in Idaho to protect the health of pregnant mothers. Abortions are basically banned in the western state.

The Court's spokesperson Patricia McCabe said in a statement that "The Court's Publications Unit inadvertently and briefly uploaded a document to the Court's website." It said the Court's opinion would be issued in due course.

In 2022, the Supreme Court overturned a long-standing ruling that established abortion as a woman's right. Restrictions on abortion have since been tightened in nearly half of US states.

US media outlets have extensively covered the mishap as abortion is a key issue in the upcoming presidential election.