Anti-tax hike protesters storm Kenyan parliament, deaths reported

Protesters opposing a proposed tax increase in Kenya have stormed parliament. Clashes with police are said to have led to fatalities.

Demonstrators stormed into the parliament compound in Nairobi on Tuesday when lawmakers were deliberating on a bill for a huge tax hike.

Local media report that after the bill was passed, the protesters overran police barricades and forced their way into the building. A fire reportedly broke out in a section of the building.

There are reports that police fired live bullets at protesters. Reuters says its journalist counted at least five bodies near the legislature.

Protests against the government-sponsored bill have been held across Kenya. Its economy has been hit by the pandemic, surging food prices caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and severe domestic droughts.

The government is trying to restore fiscal health by raising taxes.

But Tuesday's clashes are causing fears of more protests and the situation in the East African country could become more volatile.