Taiwan unveils prototype wheeled combat vehicle

Taiwan has unveiled the latest prototype of its domestically developed eight-wheeled fighting vehicle.

The defense ministry showed the vehicle to the media on Tuesday at a military facility in central Nantou County. It says more than 80 percent of its parts are made in Taiwan, excluding the engine and other components.

The project started in 2019. The vehicle is armed with a 105-millimeter tank cannon. It can fire and search for other targets at the same time, and quickly engage them.

The ministry states that the vehicle has a maximum speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour. Three of the four sets of wheels can be steered, allowing for sharp turns.

Wheeled vehicles are less able to traverse bad terrain than those with tracks, but the ministry put the prototype through its paces on steep slopes and bumpy roads.

The defense ministry reportedly needs armed vehicles with high combat ability and maneuverability in order to swiftly deploy forces if the Chinese military attempts to land on Taiwan through multiple routes.

The ministry plans to further improve the prototype, including lowering its height.