Pair of Arctic wolf cubs the first born at a Japanese zoo

Two Arctic wolf cubs were born at a zoo in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, last month. It's first time the animals have been successfully bred at a Japanese zoo.

The species is native to the Arctic zone of North America and elsewhere. It is rarely seen in the wild.

Nasu Animal Kingdom said the cubs, one male and the other female, were born on May 16. They measured about 20 centimeters long. The male weighed about 1,500 grams and the female around 1,350 grams some two weeks later.

The zoo added that the male cub had grown to about 3,900 grams and the female to around 3,000 grams by Saturday.

In Japan, only two zoos currently have Arctic wolves.

The zoo plans to allow visitors to see the cubs late next month.