Japan to set up task force to further develop healthcare, nursing industries

Japan's health ministry plans to set up a new task force to study ways of developing the country's healthcare and nursing industries.

The Japanese government on Friday adopted this year's policy package. Expanding the medical care and nursing sectors into growth industries is among the aims.

The health ministry has decided to launch a task force that will be headed by the health minister, Takemi Keizo. The task force will study concrete measures that can be taken.

It is expected to examine ways to help medical institutions accept foreign patients who want to take advantage of Japan's medical technology and services. It will also explore ways to train foreign healthcare workers and caretakers.

The task force will consider how Japan can share with other countries the knowledge it has gained from its aging society and universal health insurance system.

The health ministry also wants to develop ways to respond to overseas demand for Japanese medicine and medical technology.

The ministry plans to ask for funds to cover the potential expenses, when it submits its budget allocation request for fiscal 2025.