Another hole found in screen at Mt. Fuji photo spot

A hole more than 10 centimeters long has been found in a black screen that was set up at a popular photo spot in central Japan to block the view of Mount Fuji.

Japan's highest peak can be seen just above a convenience store in Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture. Overseas tourists began flocking to the area around the store when photos of the view went viral on social media.

Some tourists crossed the busy road in front of the convenience store and entered private property without permission to take pictures. The town set up the black mesh screen to mask the view.

Town officials say a vertical rip about 13 centimeters long was found in the screen on Monday morning.

They say a hole found on Saturday has been patched up. They suspect the holes were made intentionally.

The officials plan to replace the screen with one made from stronger materials.

They are urging people not to damage the screen, saying it was installed to ensure the safety of tourists and vehicles as well as residents' peaceful lives. They say they hope people will visit other places in the town where they can enjoy scenic views of Mount Fuji.