Travel convenience for Japan tourists with deep pockets

Tourism businesses in Japan have begun offering faster and more convenient modes of transportation around the country to cater to wealthy foreign tourists.

After Honda Motor launched a business-jet sharing service this month, one travel agency in Tokyo is using it to offer flights to tourist destinations.

Visitors with deep pockets can now make quick flights to regional cities on the HondaJet instead of spending hours on trains or buses.

The aircraft was developed by a Honda subsidiary and has been in service since 2015.

Prices start from 1.5 million yen, or almost 9,400 dollars per person for an all-inclusive round trip to Hiroshima.

In another example, a Tokyo-based startup has been offering rides in helicopters and luxury cars since November. The company says there is strong demand for its services as an alternative to public transportation.

Experts say that initiatives to attract rich visitors are important for bringing economic benefits to rural areas in Japan.