Russia attacks Ukraine's power grid

Russia's defense ministry said on Saturday that its forces had carried out attacks with missiles and drones on energy facilities in Ukraine, which they say support the country's military industry.

The Ukrainian state-run utility company Ukrenergo confirmed that its facilities in the southern region of Zaporizhzhia and the western region of Lviv were hit.

Earlier this month, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal revealed that less than one third of the country's thermal power plants remain in proper working condition.

The daily lives of Ukrainian people could be affected further with power shortages.

Meanwhile, US newspaper the Washington Post on Friday quoted Ukrainian officials as saying that being able to fire at Russian territory with US weapons to defend Kharkiv has helped to reduce Russian attacks.

But the Ukrainian officials also said that the United States has "restricted Ukraine to firing less than 100 kilometers" into Russia from the border, and that "prevents Ukraine from hitting key airfields," which are used by Russian jets to strike Ukraine.

Kharkiv has sustained major damage by Russian attacks with glide bombs and other weapons. The mayor says that the city is still under "constant threat."