Japan sanctions firms suspected of supplying Russia with dual-use items

Japan has decided to sanction 10 third-country entities suspected of supplying Russia with items that can be converted for military use.

The government agreed at a Cabinet meeting on Friday to ban exports to the 10 firms, which are based in China, India, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

It also decided to freeze the assets of a ship management firm in the United Arab Emirates, citing its involvement in imports of Russian oil.

At the Group of Seven summit held in Italy last week, G7 leaders shared their concerns over China and other third countries providing dual-use items to Russia to aid its invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said at the time that Japan will join other G7 nations in imposing fresh sanctions.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi Yoshimasa said on Friday that the latest measures target organizations involved in circumventing sanctions against Russia.

He added Japan will continue to work together with the G7 and the international community.