Mt. Fuji calendar for climbers shows days likely to be busiest this summer

A calendar has been released to help Mount Fuji climbers avoid crowded days during the summer hiking season, which starts in July.

Fujisan World Cultural Heritage Council, consisting of officials from neighboring Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures, created the calendar. It shows the days expected to draw big crowds at Mount Fuji based on last year's visitor numbers.

The calendar shows weekends between July 1 and September 10, as well as the summer holiday period between August 7 and 18 will likely be packed.

The council also produced a video to call on climbers to avoid going to the mountain's peak between 3 a.m. and dawn, when the area will be most crowded.

The video also says climbers can see the sunrise from any mountain hut on Mount Fuji's Yamanashi side.

The officials are using the council's website and social network to ask people to check out the calendar and watch the video. They said they want visitors to enjoy safe and pleasant climbing by avoiding crowded days and hours.