Chilled shampoo for hot days at Yamagata barber shops

Beating scorching summers with chilled shampoo has been a tradition in one part of Japan for over two decades. It started when an enterprising local barber came up with the idea.

About 300 barber shops in Yamagata Prefecture, northeastern Japan, have resumed the service this year to help people chill out.

The barbers use menthol shampoos typically cooled in refrigerators or with ice water when they wash their customers' hair.

The chilled shampoo at one shop in Higashine City is made using a cocktail shaker with ice.

Barber shop owner Uematsu Yukio said many customers come every year for the service, some from other prefectures.

This is only one of the "chilled services" Yamagata provides in summer. The area is also known for cold ramen noodles.