More than 500 die from extreme heat during hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

More than 500 Muslims have reportedly died from extreme heat in the annual hajj pilgrimage now underway in Saudi Arabia.

Every year, about two million pilgrims from around the world visit holy sites in Mecca, western Saudi Arabia.

They walk day and night for several days in Mecca and surrounding areas.

This year's hajj has been held in extremely hot weather with temperatures in Mecca soaring above 50 degrees Celsius.

Reuters and other media outlets say many of the more than 500 pilgrims who have died in the hajj apparently suffered from heatstroke.

The Saudi Arabian government has not released an official number of deaths.

The death toll is likely to rise because Saudi Arabian health officials say more than 2,700 people had reported symptoms of heatstroke and received medical treatment as of Monday.